A little about me...

What seems like a million years ago, I graduated with my Master's of Social Work. Two weeks later my entire existence changed when our twins were born three months premature. My world was turned upside down and nothing was ever the same. My education and experience working with people of all ages who have special needs prepared me in a very unique way for all the things I would need to know to parent my own beautiful children.

Since my first babies were born, I have been on a mission to solve our medical mysteries, create a space for my family to live life to the fullest, learn everything I can about everything I can, and enjoy all the beautiful moments this crazy life brings.

I love creating. I love helping people. I love chatting with good friends for 3 hours in a coffee shop, sneaking moments to connect with my husband, loving on my kids, kayaking, singing loudly when I think no one is listening, writing, and walking our pups. And I adore massages. And hot cocoa. With marshmallows.

I'm a hopeless romantic, and my heart is overflowing with positivity and joy. I want to change the world. I want to share light and love with those around me, and hope that the ripple spreads outward farther than I can imagine. I hope that with every little thing I do, it brings others hope and comfort.




Our Story... so far

We have 4 incredible children who all have special needs. Several years ago, I learned about the benefits of weighted blankets, so I began searching for one to see if it would help our family. I was surprised to see that everything available was very expensive and very boring. I decided to make our own weighted blankets.

I was astounded by the benefits the special blankets had for our kids! They were able to sleep better, had less anxiety at night, could sit in one spot for longer than 10 seconds, rages and sensory meltdowns were less intense, their tics were not as severe when they slept using the blankets...

It was incredible! I was a believer!

Soon family and friends found out I was making these little treasures, and asked me to make blankets for their loved ones. I realized there was a need for education about weighted products, and accessibility to fun, affordable prints. 

This is how Nonah & Bean was born. 

(The name comes from our twin boys, Jonah and Ben, who used to call each other "Nonah" and "Bean" when they were toddlers... ooo it still gives me all the feels!!!) :)

I have branched out and made more types of weighted products in an effort to bring comfort to everyone who needs a cozy weighted hug. I have witnessed firsthand the soothing effect weighted products have on all of us, and I am grateful to be able to share them with each of you!